Design Opinions

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About Design Opinions

We conduct research into
on design-related issues and design-related creations.

We help designers and manufacturers with useful research-based insights.

This is not design by committee;
it's informed feedback for an iterative creative process.


By offering pragmatic methodologies,
we make reliable design research affordable
and accessible to almost anyone.

Proprietary Survey Platform

When appropriate, we offer our own unique survey platform, specifically created for design-related evaluations. Learn more


We offer ad-hoc support to
other research organisations worldwide
either locally or internationally.

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The Team

We are an adaptive research collective
emanating globally from a London base.

Each project is handled only by
experienced research professionals.

Team members are trusted contacts enlisted for
their specific expertise and geographic reach.

Rob Roncarati

Design Opinions is managed by Rob Roncarati.
Rob was formerly M.D. of Diagnostic Research – Europe (WPP Group).
He graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE),
specialising in statistics, psychology and operations.

A designer in another life.

Informed decision-making


Love Of Design

We appreciate good design -
and want to help to make it happen.


We love detail - because it's important.
We do all we can to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Understanding & Advice

We understand when research will help, but also when it won't. We won't advise research just for the sake of it.


Our own proprietary survey tool - helps in the evaluation and feedback process.


Decades of relevant experience - having worked globally on design research projects with numerous internationally renowned brands.

Flexible & Innovative

We adapt to the needs of our clients and are always on lookout for a better way.

We're proud of what we do.

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ViewDoo logo

ViewDoo is our own proprietary software
designed specifically for the online evaluation of visual imagery.

ViewDoo makes a valuable contribution to a more iterative design process.

Collage of ViewDoo screen shots

Fully Serviced

For now, ViewDoo is offered only as a fully-serviced tool – custom coded and hosted – with support as needed



ViewDoo is available as a third-party plug-in – whereby survey respondents can be handed over and handed back.


White Label

ViewDoo can be badged to provide your own branding – adding value for both credibility and brand building

With clarity comes conviction